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Our Group

From -25°C to +15°C

We are the European leader for temperature-controlled logistics.
We have been operating in the food transport and logistics field for almost 100 years. Our expertise and network coverage enable us to offer solutions adapted to the food industry, distribution chains and foodservice players in 14 European countries.

Préparateur de commandes

Our assets

Unique know-how serving our clients: 

- The ability to combine human strengths with new technologies to provide specialized solutions

- Recognized expertise in dynamic flows management

- Added value created through systematic search for multi-client products consolidation

- Network density encouraging close connection with the local economy fabric

- A policy of company-owned property assets all over Europe



STEF can offer you its experience on national and international levels for all temperature ranges.

Our transport solution includes distribution, groupage, batch management, full loads and flows organization through Control Tower solutions.



We will take care of all your logistics operations, from handling and storage of raw materials and finished product, to complementary services: co-packing, unloading containers and freezing.

We apply a consolidation and an optimization of flows approach from the production centers to the points of sales.


International flows

International activities are at the heart of our strategy. With a strong presence in Western Europe, STEF can transport your goods across 14 European countries.

With 236 platforms and warehouses in Belgium, France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and The Netherlands we have over 510 000 m2 of crossdocking areas and 9 100 000 m3 of warehousing.

Áreas de especialización

Areas of expertise

At the heart of our business, our IMMOSTEF (Real Estate) and STEF IT (Information and Technology) divisions are the key drivers of our operations and development. Both are a major aspect of our independence and efficiency.

Photo d'équipe

Employee shareholding

Our employees’ participation in the Group’s capital is one of our fundamental principles. We are proud that our employees and managers currently hold approximately 70% of the company's share capital.


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