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Social Responsibility

A dedicated team

Thanks to our employees and their daily efforts, we can guarantee the quality of our services. We work alongside them in their professional training and personal evolution towards excellence, and we work with each other to strengthen our team's social and cultural diversity.
Involucramos a nuestro equipo

We get our team involved

We are committed to our employees and we make them participants in the company's success, offering them the option to become shareholders.

For 25 years, this model has reflected the Group's involvement with its team and their personal projects, helping them build their own savings plan.

"Worker participation in shareholding is a fantastic asset for STEF's success, a way to ensure stability and a great tool for development in the long run"

Stanislas Lemor - Deputy Chief Executive Officer of STEF

Oportunidades para todos

Opportunities for everyone

We want everyone to be able to find their place and develop their full potential. That's why we bring very diverse profiles onboard and favorably consider those at risk of exclusion in the work force.

Every day, we work to strengthen the social and cultural diversity of our employees, and we get them to participate in this reality through events and workshops on equal opportunities and social well-being.

This commitment has, for instance, allowed us to hire a very satisfactory rate of people with disabilities: 4,2% of our staff.

Desarrollo profesional

Professional development

Our training policy is forward-thinking, preparing for the transformations and needs of the job market and thereby increasing our team members' employability and enthusiasm.

Through certified training programs, we offer them the opportunity to evolve internally, therefore enriching their personal and professional skills.