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A European group from France

Our history has always been accompanied by the evolution and trends of the sector: digitalization, new consumer habits and increasingly demanding consumer expectations in terms of food quality and safety.
  • Transporte refrigerado
    Our story begins in France!
    After the end of the First World War, the railway company PLM (Paris, Lyon, Mediterranean) decides to create a refrigerated transport company: the Société Française de Transports et Entrepôts Frigorifiques (STEF).
  • Transporte refrigerado
    During the following years, STEF becomes one of the subsidiaries of the SNFC and begins to apply the new precursor techniques of refrigerated transport: ice plates.

    In 1960, the first groupage network appears: TFE, through the grouping of 3 companies (Galopin, Sancier and Eurotransit)
  • SDF España
    La Financière de l’Atlantique, created by Francis Lemor and Bernard Jolivet, buys STEF with the aim of building a leading group in temperature-controlled logistics.

    In 1989, we developed our activity in Belgium and, two years later, the subsidiary SDF España was created.
  • Transporte y logística a temperatura controlada
    During the 1990s, the first delivery company is consolidated: TFE. Financière de l'Atlantique becomes the sole shareholder and merges its two businesses as STEF-TFE. Its activity will be organized in three areas: logistics (STEF), transport (TFE) and services for sea products.

    In 1995, we developed our activity in Portugal and, in 1998, the STEF Group was listed on the French stock exchange.
  • La Mériodionale
    At the beginning of the 21st century, we arrived in Italy (2008), Switzerland (2009) and the Netherlands (2004).

    In addition to becoming Mériodionale's sole shareholder, we developed the Catering Business Unit and began new projects to meet the new demands of E-commerce and urban distribution.
  • Transporte y logística a temperatura controlada
    In 2012, we adopted a single commercial brand across all countries: STEF.
  • STEF 100 años
    We're celebrating our 100th anniversary!

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