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Our History

We have been in Spain for 30 years, serving our clients in the food industry, retailers and foodservice players with the highest assurance of quality and food safety for their products.
  • SDF
    Our history starts in Madrid with the founding of SDF (Servicios de Distribución Frigorífica Ibérica).
  • STEF 1990
    In 1991, we got into SDF capital, and in 1993, we acquired 100% of the company. During that time, we started the first stage of expansion with platforms in Galicia, the Basque Country, Catalonia, the East, and Andalusia, as well as collaboration agreements in Asturias, Aragón and other regions.

    Acquiring Frigoríficos Europeos in Torrejón and the goodwill of Frigodis (a subsidiary of the Pescanova group) strengthened our company.
  • LogiRest
    We continued developing our presence with new platforms in:
    - Madrid (Alcalá and Getafe)
    - Bilbao
    - A Coruña
    - Lugo
    - Málaga
    - Burgos
    - Logroño

    LOGIREST was started with the aim of offering solutions adapted to the field of foodservice.
  • STEF 2010
    In 2011, we opened our national hub for logistics and transport of refrigerated products in Madrid.

    In 2012, we adopted a single commercial brand across all countries: STEF.

    That same year, we started our activity in Alicante.

    In 2014, we celebrated STEF's 25th anniversary in Spain.

    In 2016, we specialized our platform in Getafe for foodservice logistics (LOGIREST).

    In 2017, we acquired Transportes Badosa company and their platform located in Les Preses (Girona).